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Buffet and lounge car


People eating and drinking in a Vista-Dome buffet and lounge car of the Kansas City/American Royal Zephyrs. A mix a white men and women. A woman is entering the car from a doorway to the Vista-Dome...

Buffet observation car


Buffet Observation Car on train #55 of the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railway Company. Rows of comfortable chairs are on either side of the car.

Business in the drawing room


Three white men seated at a table conducting business in the drawing room on the Kansas City Zephyr. A fourth white man in a suit is standing behind the group, observing. There's a metal bladed fan...

Chicago, Burlington & Quincy coal chute


Chicago, Burlington & Quincy coal chute in the Omaha Nebraska railyard. A Canadian Pacific railcar is seen on the tracks. Behind the coal chute are powerlines and a row of houses or other buildings.

Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railway locomotive #6130


Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railway locomotive #6130 in a train yard. A tower of some sort is behind it. Another train with the logo "Everywhere West" painted on it's side is on the next track over...

Date Published
1945 to 1950

Chicago, Burlington & Quincy train #58


Chicago, Burlington & Quincy's 4-4-0 train #58 pulling caboose #14966 over a small bridge in New Market, Iowa. Two men can be seen on the outside of the caboose.